Hungarian company Well Done Kft. is a firm with substantial experience and a long history, which manufactures household detergents and intermediates for keeping your home clean. The factory was established in the city of Komárom in 1996, with the foundations of the know-how and experience of the Well Done detergent company that operates all over the world.
The notion behind establishing the company was based on the fact that – respecting consumers needs – only truly good products have the right to appear on the market, therefore Well Done Kft. only manufactures and markets products that meet this requirement.
Our company’s many loyal customers know that our product’s are of excellent quality, and that the Well Done logo serves as a guarantee for the outstanding products of a reliable and vastly experienced company both in Hungary, and in numerous other places around the world.
Our company determines the price of its products to make them affordable to anyone, so our customers know that Well Done products are ones whose effectiveness is outstanding, are available at acceptable, competitive prices and represent good value for money. To put it simply, they are products for conscientious buyers, who consider not just the importance of price, but also the quality of the product they receive for a given amount of money.
Our products are present in 2 main segments of the detergent market. Our retail products may be found in several of Hungary’s well known commercial chains; while our gastro and large size products are available to hospitality operators and institutions through our distributors.

The reputation and quality of our products also attracts merchants from neighbouring countries such as Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Austria, as well as Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Our company believes that a truly good detergent produces its cleaning effect without manual scrubbing. This is why Well Done products are concentrated, highly effective products, thereby performing the brunt of cleaning jobs instead of people’s arms.

Let us take this opportunity to invite you to use our company’s products. We hope that you will also join the ranks of our loyal and satisfied customers after using Well Done products for the first time.